HIGHLIGHTS: Portland Timbers vs Sporting Kansas City

MLS Video Ranking: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “HIGHLIGHTS: Portland Timbers vs Sporting Kansas City

  1. Sure it is. Our guys stood toe to toe all 90 with the best team in the league. It was back and forth all night with chances for both teams. The own goal came about because Chara and then Boyd put the ball in a dangerous place. KC didn.t, therefore we won.

  2. I’m a Dynamo fan who adopted Portland has my Western Conference team of choice. I am very happy they beat Sporting KC. I can’t stand them nor their snobby, troll-tastic fans.

  3. what is portland taking out of this game besides a win? they didn’t score the goal and their defending is still questionable. they are lucky if you ask me.

  4. I’m really starting to love Portland Timbers. I know they’re pretty bad but, they’re a humble team and their fans are great! I would love to go see a game at Portland, but I’m sticking over here in Los Angeles. But good luck Portland!

  5. Clean sheet, 2 free points, team unifying physical and confrontational match, good stepping stone to build upon for the rest of the season. Let’s crush Montreal next week and get those chests puffing out! RCTID!

  6. What a hater, own goals happen, thats like saying you shouldn’t deserve to win a car race because someone else crashed. Its all part of the sport.

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