LA Galaxy v. Red Bull New York 5/7/11 Condensed Match

MLS Video Ranking: 4 / five

23 thoughts on “LA Galaxy v. Red Bull New York 5/7/11 Condensed Match

  1. I had no Idea the MLS was so quick! It’s not the premiership but give it time. If you consider that UK football been around for near 80 to 100 years, I think they have done very well. Not being part of the European Champions League might be a problem!

  2. Im from the Uk, just weird saying Condensed. Match of the day has 20 minute high lights. sky sports 60 minutes still call it high lights. Condensed just seems abit odd to me lol. MUFC!!!

  3. Probably bc this particular highlight clip is close to 20 minutes long while most highlight clips are much shorter. They just want to let ppl know that they’re getting a pretty good portion of the uncut game with this clip.

  4. yup….People don’t realize how many little kids comment on youtube. They live for this shit. When I was a kid I went out side and played with friends. Kids these days are fat and stay on the computer/xbox all fucken day.

  5. Condensed matched… Why not just say Highlights :SS MUFC!!!, Coming to the US for pre-season, we’re so gonna rape!!! i may just go old trafford right now cause im bored.

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