24 thoughts on “LA Galaxy vs Houston Dynamo – MLS Cup 2011

  1. They drew Man City, lost 7-6 in penalties. Plus the G’s were using their second string. I think they are definitely capable of playing European clubs.

  2. Tell that to the people who watched the WS this year. It was one of the greatest series ever played.
    The soccer final was 1-0. WTF. That is a joke.
    Sorry, the hero is this midget faggot with a big forehead who needs a hair weave. This is an athlete? Give me a break. I think he is someone who delivers pizza to your house.

  3. First of all, Soccer is a dull game. NO SCORING. There is not a lot of drama. The referees look like pansies. What is with the yellow cards and red cards? How about the fact that NO ONE CARES about this game that was BORN in the USA. Sorry, the INTEREST is from 3rd world foreigners who come here and can NOT afford to go to an NFL, MLB or NBA game. FACT.

  4. Soccer faggots are just that. Do not get made at me because you are a faggot lover. Sorry, being a VEGAN is a health issue. I think Bill Clinton and Glenn Beck are vegans for the same reason. You wouldn’t call them that.
    Get over it loser.

  5. and the thing with MLS is that they show it on cable…so how can anyone watch MLS…unlike NBA,MLB,NFL and sometimes NHL…they should make it more exciting by adding more teams and televise it like the Premier League

  6. Yeah ur the man Greenvegan…. u play for who ? U play what position ? Really ? Get ur fat ass outta ur Armchair and go for a jog. Pussy boy ….hahaha

  7. You need to be a man and not a pussy. Soccer has always been a soft sport for those who do not want to get hurt.
    This is why mothers put their daisy sons in soccer games because they are going to run around in their undies and not get injured. FACT.

  8. I am talking about OUR GAME not some gay 3rd world game. Apparently, you need a RED CARD to wake up.
    NO ONE WATCHED THIS GARBAGE YESTERDAY. How were the ratings? I heard that an episode of MATLOCK had more viewers. ESPN continues to push this BS but, no one cares. If soccer is eliminated from the USA tomorrow, this would be a GREAT THING!

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