LA Galaxy vs. New York Red Bulls post match handbags

MLS Video clip Rating: four / five

24 thoughts on “LA Galaxy vs. New York Red Bulls post match handbags

  1. New York just don’t be stupid just because u lost dosent mean u can have a big hissy fit. Rafa Marquez can just be a man not a girl and move on to the pros and not be with all his “girlfriends”

  2. Lol at the two guys that dive right away when no one touches them. This is what makes soccer the biggest joke of a sport and I’ve played it since I was 9.

  3. laughter is healthy. I’m glad I could contribute. I personally laugh heartily at all people who consider the pussy in question a world class player and I laugh especially hard at his European “career”. Donovan is a joke and “fans” who root for him too. No class on and off the pitch. Say, you don’t watch much soccer, do you?… I didn’t think so.

  4. Hahahaha Best defender in the world? He hasn’t been in the top 50 for the past 2 or 3 years. Ever heard of John Terry, Gerard Pique, Puyol, Lucio? Those are the best defenders in the world not the puny Marquez who wont shut his mouth and flops like a bitch every game

  5. “Landon Donavan is not the MLS.. thats just Landon Donavan.. dumb fuck .. damn.. please shut the fuck up” Hey, why don’t you just STFU and read your senseless post again. I guess you tried to correct me on my spelling? Oh, how petty. At Youtube. Where everyone types just fast. And not everyone is a native speaker. Your answer is really priceless. The dumbest thing I’ve read in a while. Thanks for the laugh!

  6. Rafa Marquez committed career suicide by signing with an MLS team, I don’t know what the fuck came into his head…money probably. He sold his motherfucking reputation as the best defender in the world to a shitty, worthless team and now he is suffering the consequences.

  7. bwaahaaaha! A lot ruffer. I’m impressed. They can’t handle it. Right! Have you seen Donovan complaining like a child after the first leg? Laughed so hard. I think that tells it all. Probably the most celebrated soccer player of the US team is a p*ssy. Any further questions?

  8. i know alot.. i know europeans like to flop and cry like bitches.. i also know that alot of world SOCCER players think MLS is a joke and will be easy money for them, but when they get here,.. they cant handle it, its alot ruffer , and no floppin and crying…

  9. Dude, some guy came up and shoved him as a “wtf was that all about?” Marquez immediately responds with an attempted head butt and full swinging punch? Even God thinks you’re wrong…he obviously sent his wrath down on Rafa…that’s the only other way to explain him falling to the ground other than using it as further evidence that he’s a complete p.o.s. hack.

    NYRB fan who also loves watching Mexico play b/c the rest of the team is so damn good.

  10. Wow. I feel that American soccer commentators just love to exaggerate things involving conflict against Mexican players. Yeah, I mean he threw the ball at Donovan’s SHOE but what about the LA player that came shoved him? So much talk on ESPN’s articles about how Marquez is a dirty player but they never mention things like the thug-like fouls that Kyle Beckerman commits. Seems like racial propaganda to me. Just saying.

  11. omg please he barely threw the ball and pussy ass donovan!!!! The ball didnt even touch him! Yeah Marquez is a fucking actor, but Donovan is a hypocritical, coward son of a bitch!
    Psh MLS is an embarrassment for real football.

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