A League Newcastle Jets v Major League Soccer LA Galaxy 27 11 2010 goals 720p

MLS Video clip Rating: five / 5

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15 Responses to “A League Newcastle Jets v Major League Soccer LA Galaxy 27 11 2010 goals 720p”

  1. nike2376 says:

    How the hell would you know they “mis-used” them. Face it, when a leagues best player goes to another league and doesn’t start a lot for below average team….the league he’s going to is clearly better.

  2. LiquidSoapMusic says:

    also, even if they are good players, its hardly the a leagues fault MLS missed used them.

  3. LiquidSoapMusic says:

    These players liek Allsopp and Fred are hardly talked about, when im takling football ( or soccer ) with friends or on internet forums, hardly ever we even mention them. We like to talk about Thomas Broich or Henrique or Archie Thompson, etc. players that actually matter and are good to watch that play beautiful football.

  4. nike2376 says:

    Maybe because the Galaxy have just finished their season and had to make a 20 hour plane ride and are playing many back-ups, maybe that’s why they aren’t winning by 4 goals. And according to Fred’s wikipedia page, he won player of the year in the A-league’s 2nd season, and when he came to MLS, he was mainly a back-up. Oh and Danny Allsopp played in MLS after he won the Golden Boot in Australia, also a backup in MLS.

  5. LiquidSoapMusic says:

    and your so called champion team, always struggles against a league teams? hmmm

  6. LiquidSoapMusic says:

    who said fred was the best player in the a league? lol no one said that.
    he’s just a player, i hardly hear anytthing of him. and we do tour, africa, england and scotland. I understand, you love your MLS, its okay to like your local team, but don’t start saying crap thats not true.

  7. nike2376 says:

    Hmmm, then why aren’t your clubs touring the United States? The A-league could not be more of a joke. Fred, who was considered the best player in the A-league before he left for MLS, was not even a regular starter a lot of the time on mid table teams.

  8. LiquidSoapMusic says:

    if you think MLS is better then A league, then you’re an idiot sir.. lol MLS

  9. EliSexyton says:

    Glory Glory Jets
    lets make 2011-12 ours

  10. nitraiders117 says:

    I miss Nostrokeeper.

  11. sirhcainsley says:

    NUFC under 12’s would hammer these!

  12. Mystify84 says:

    Goals on aggregate AUSTRALIA 7-3 USA….. Go the Jets!

  13. brabois13 says:

    @nike2376 at the moment both aussie teas have won mate

  14. nike2376 says:

    If you think A-league is better than MLS than you’re an idiot.

  15. brabois13 says:

    once again aussie teams showing american teams how its done