On Sunday in Final cup of Carabao City of Manchester was defeated by Eden Hazard with an exceptionally high penalty of blues’ fifth in the shootout defeat.

Due to his such performance Hazard was given the label of ‘unprofessional’ for his fruitful penalty of Panenka in the Final cup of Carabao defeat to City of Manchester.

Previous Striker of Chelsea Cascarino Tony trusts the bold chip Belgian’s over Ederson, the Blues’ fifth and most vital punishment, demonstrated he was not considering the amusement important.

Regardless of a promising act from Sarri’s Maurizio men, they were beaten by the City on punishments in that game outshined by Arrizabalaga’s Kepa substituted the refusal in the contemptuous snapshots of additional time.

Furthermore, talk SPORT have Cascarino, writing in his section for Paper ‘The Time, proposes Eden Hazard’s penalty embodies everything incorrectly at Sarri of Chelsea.

“Eden Hazard is in no way, shape or form captain physical however he ought to be one of the senior players showing others how it’s done,” Stated Carscarino.

Rather he was taking the mickey with his Panenka punishment in the shoot-out in contradiction of City of Manchester. It was moving on absurd.

It summed up what’s the problem on the part of Chelsea. Players, for example, Eden Hazard and Arrizabalaga are pushing limits since they realize they can pull off it and Sarri’s Maurizio unsure future as head mentor adds to their lack of concern.

While there were a lot of positives for Sarri to take from the Wembley defeat, he stays under huge mass following a string of frightening outcomes since the turn of the year.

At The present session of Stamford Bridge The 33 year aged has been freeze saying that his elegance does not suit the possession ideology of Sarri.

There is no doubt that the team is lacking in a good leadership as Sarri has discarded their leader that is captain Cahill Gary.

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